CNN's Erin Burnett To Ex-Trump Aide ... I Smell Alcohol On Your Breath

3/5/2018 5:05 PM PST

CNN's Erin Burnett Says She Smelled Alcohol on Sam Nunberg's Breath

CNN's Erin Burnett's interview with ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg ended with a bang ... Burnett saying she smelled booze on him after a wild live broadcast.

Nunberg made the rounds on all the major networks Monday after making a big stink about a subpoena he'd been issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection to the Trump-Russia investigation -- saying he wouldn't comply and basically daring Mueller to arrest him.

He also said a BUNCH of other bizarre things on the air -- from claiming Trump had to have known about the Trump Tower Russia meeting in 2016, to accusing Carter Page of colluding with the Russians ... and calling Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "fat slob."

One of his last stops was apparently on Burnett's show, and she asked him point-blank if he'd been drinking at all throughout the day. Nunberg denied drinking, saying he'd only taken some anti-depressants.

Nonetheless ... his media blitz Monday was undoubtedly off the rails. And ya gotta wonder if Trump's gonna hit back at some point.