Chris Darden Hey Kanye, You Happy Now OJ was Freed?

3/11/2018 8:11 PM PDT

Chris Darden's Angry Kanye West Wore a 'Free OJ' T-Shirt

Chris Darden is incredulous Kanye West would dare sport a "Free OJ" t-shirt, especially now that he has flat-out confessed to the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson on the Fox special.

Darden was on a panel that discussed OJ's belated mea culpa and he's livid at the naysayers who fought for Simpson's freedom.  He says the people who should have unbridled anger are the Goldmans and the Browns, but Chris's outrage is right there.

He says he saw Kanye on TV wearing the t-shirt and had words for him. And the words are on point and chilling ... "You freed him ... and look at what you freed." 

Simpson talked on the special about the murders, at first hypothetically, but then he lapsed into first person and it leaves no doubt ... even for the naysayers.