Jeb Bush's Oldest Son Trump & Bushes Will Be Best Pals ... If I Have the Last Say

3/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Jeb's Son Wants to Help Donald Trump and the Bushes Be Friends


Jeb Bush's oldest son says the reciprocal support between him and President Trump can be awkward around the fam -- but he's determined to make the Bushes come around to 45.

We got George P. Bush -- Dubya's nephew and H.W.'s grandson -- in D.C. Monday after the Astros met The Don at the White House to celebrate their World Series championship.

He's been a vocal supporter of Trump since the election -- and it appears Trump's returned the favor in George's current race for Texas land commissioner.

Despite the fact that H.W. called the Prez a "blowhard" and W. reportedly said Trump made his own presidency "look pretty good" -- not to mention Jeb getting trashed by Trump in the GOP primary -- George is optimistic he can sweeten the bitterness between the families.

Good luck ...