Sen. Cory Booker Trump and Biden Should Duke it Out Like Flake and I Did!!!

3/22/2018 4:24 PM PDT

Senator Cory Booker Says Trump and Biden Should Snowball Fight it Out


Senator Cory Booker thinks President Donald Trump and Joe Biden should take a cue from his own icy duel with Senator Jeff Flake ... and that, he thinks, could be a battle for the ages. 

We got the New Jersey Dem on Capitol Hill Thursday and asked where his snowball fight with Flake ranks on the all-time list of political battles ... Hamilton vs. Burr, maybe

Booker tells us he's down for a rematch with the Arizona Senator, but only if the weather allows. If not ... he says they'll have to get creative.

As for the high school-style trash-talking between Trump and Biden -- Cory tells us the table's been set for them to settle their beef ... but they better go outside and make it happen quick.