Sen. Cory Booker Don't Drag the Holocaust Into Today's Gun Debate ... Hello!!!

2/28/2018 2:05 PM PST

Senator Cory Booker Calls Don Young's Holocaust Gun Argument Outrageous


Senator Cory Booker is stunned that Congressman Don Young tried pitching the Holocaust as a serious defense for arming teachers ... calling the pro-gun notion "outrageous."

We got the senator from New Jersey on Wednesday in D.C. and asked him what he thought of Rep. Young suggesting the Holocaust wouldn't have happened if Jews had their own guns. 

Booker admits he hadn't heard the remarks or seen the video himself -- but says it doesn't take a genius to know the idea is historically inaccurate and highly offensive. Uh, ya think?

He tells us Young's sentiment is simply propaganda for the NRA, and just a way to push more guns ... which he says definitely isn't the answer now, and wasn't the answer then.