Beyonce & Jay-Z Mess with Us in Jamaica ... You'll Get the Horns!!!

3/23/2018 7:59 AM PDT

Beyonce and Jay-Z Grabbing Bull by the Horns in Jamaica

Jay-Z and Beyonce are still ride or die for each other on a sick motorcycle down in Jamaica ... and that's no bull.

Hip-hop's dynamic duo's been on Jamrock shooting what we're told will be footage used in their upcoming "On the Run II" tour. We saw 'em earlier in the week two-wheelin' through the city of Kingston on a different bike ... but on Thursday they hit up a more lush setting.

Their new ride was decked out with a bull skull and horns ... a pretty bad ass upgrade from the one they were riding the other day. 

When the couple wasn't shooting, they were being catered to hand and foot by assistants and a personal umbrella holder -- exactly what you'd expect when Jay and Bey are working in a tropical location.

As for why they chose Jamaica? Simple. They can.