Lucille Ball Desilu Studios Sues CBS Studios ... Hands Off My Trademark!!!

4/9/2018 3:03 PM PDT

Lucille Ball's Old Company, Desilu Studios, Sues CBS


CBS got some 'splainin' to do ... as far as the legendary studio made famous by Lucille Ball is concerned. 

Charles Hensley says he applied for the "Desilu" trademark in 2016 in order to relaunch Desilu Studios as a "technology-focused film and television studio." Hensley says he was granted the trademark this year, and says CBS did not oppose his application.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Hensley says he reached out to Lucie Arnaz -- daughter of Lucy and Desi Arnaz -- to see if she would be on board for the relaunch. He claims CBS, which originally aired "I Love Lucy" back in the day -- derailed his negotiations by telling Arnaz to stop dealing with Desilu. 

According to the suit, CBS is already using the Desilu trademark on other productions, which Hensley thinks compete with his plans for the studio.

Hensley wants a judge to decide who's the proper owner of the "Desilu" trademark.