Corey Feldman Hires Muscle Because ... There's a 5% Chance I'm Dead Meat!!!

4/17/2018 6:43 AM PDT

Corey Feldman's Got Plans In Case He Dies in 5 Months After Stabbing


Corey Feldman's covering his ass with a small army ... and he says he's rushing his plans in case he dies within 5 months.

We got Corey -- with wife Courtney in tow -- leaving the premiere of "Corbin Nash" Monday night at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood ... and we ask him how he's feeling after last month's bizarre "stabbing" episode.

As we reported ... Corey said someone jabbed him with a sharp object either with the tip of a knife or a syringe. He claimed the motive could've been retaliation for his pedophilia accusations involving Hollywood.

In any event ... the puncture was small and drew a tiny bit of blood but it was more than enough for Corey to hire some muscle and get his documentary on the fast track.

All hospital tests came back negative ... but Corey still thinks there's a chance poison will drop him.