Jeremy Renner What 'Infinity War'? I Got Shopping to Do!

4/27/2018 7:03 AM PDT

Jeremy Renner Hits Grocery Store Day Of 'Avengers: Infinity War' Premiere

Hawkeye, aka Jeremy Renner, is M.I.A in the new "Avengers: Infinity War" film, so instead of hitting the press circuit this week with the rest of the crew, Renner did some serious shopping.

Jeremy hit up a Hollywood grocery store Thursday, the day the film hit theaters, and his cart had all the makings of a chill night ... beer, chairs and a few bottles of booze.

Dude should relax all he can because Hawkeye's back in the next 'Avengers' film out in 2019.

For all the non-Marvel nerds out there ... Hawkeye and Ant-Man aren't in the current film, but they haven't been killed off or anything. Story goes ... they took a deal with the government to sit this fight out.

Renner might want to stock up on more veggies on his next store run, though. Thanos ain't going down easy.