Damon Wayans Jr. I'm Willing to Give Kanye a Pass ... He's 'Been Rich Too Long'

5/2/2018 3:05 PM PDT

Damon Wayans Jr. Says Kanye Deserves a Pass


Damon Wayans Jr. thinks Kanye West's forgetting what life was like before he was a celebrity, and that's why he put on the MAGA hat, but ultimately, he's willing to let the whole thing slide.

We got Damon Wednesday at LAX, where he admitted he's not the biggest fan of Kanye's music -- but he thinks the comment he made about President Trump and slavery during "TMZ Live" will earn him a new fan base. Damon's even got a name for them.

He thinks Ye's upcoming record sales likely won't plummet because even he'd listen, which means old fans will too. And yes, he's giving Kanye the pass ... under one condition.