Malik Yusef Kanye's Slavery Comments Hurt ... But, He's Not Totally Wrong

5/3/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Malik Yusef Says Kanye Misjudged and Oversimplified with Slavery Comments


Kanye West's friend, G.O.O.D. Music artist Malik Yusef, says the rapper's comments about slavery were hurtful, but he insists Kanye was on point and could have won people over if he had more time.

Malik tells TMZ ... Kanye's take on slavery -- that it was "a choice" -- could have been developed into a compelling argument, but an hour show isn't the place to make the case. 

Yusef agrees with Kanye -- slaves had a choice -- just not the black and white version Kanye suggested. He points out if a slave chose to revolt, he'd be making that decision based on options -- bleak options like not being able to read, having no food ... and putting himself and his family in danger.

So basically, Kanye oversimplified ... and Malik says his "choice" of words was a big problem.