Paris Jackson 'Stay Black' Run-in With Guy from Cardi B Fight

5/8/2018 8:32 AM PDT

Autograph Seeker in Cardi B Fight Also Hounded Paris Jackson


Paris Jackson was hounded for an autograph before the Met Gala by the same guy who got beat down after pestering Cardi B to sign for him.

We got Paris leaving the Carlyle Hotel in NYC and you can see the brush-off is quick -- she strolled to her car with the fan at the ready for her signature, but to no avail. He then blurts out "Stay black," and Paris raises her fist and enters a waiting SUV.

Our camera guy, who shot Paris around 1 AM, was outside the Mark Hotel about 90 minutes later when he saw the same autograph seeker getting loaded into an ambulance.

TMZ broke the story ... the guy got the crap kicked outta him, allegedly by Cardi B's security team after he repeatedly hounded her for an autograph. Law enforcement sources tell us NYPD obtained a 12-second video of the 33-year-old man taunting Cardi's entourage ... allegedly encouraging them to attack him.

We're told cops think the victim has a history of harassing celebs, and Cardi B's team might have been aware of that before the violent encounter went down.