R. Kelly to Spotify My Songs Aren't About 'Hate'!!! It's BS to Censor Me

5/10/2018 2:06 PM PDT

R. Kelly Responds to Spotify Pulling His Music

R. Kelly is calling out Spotify for what he calls its hypocritical move to yank his tunes from all playlists.

Kelly's team fired back at Spotify's decision to stop promoting his music on their playlists while allegations he's running a sex cult continue to swirl. His managers say the streaming service is "bowing to social-media fads" and "picking sides in a fame-seeking dispute."

Most importantly, they point out, Kelly has not been charged with a crime, and doesn't have any pending criminal charges against him. They add, Spotify's new "Hate Content & Hateful Conduct" policy has no relevance to Kelly's love songs -- especially when the service continues to feature artists who are "convicted felons," and whose lyrics promote violence against women. 

BTW, XXXTentacion's getting the same treatment from Spotify. One of his reps sent a letter to a NY Times writer in which she names names of other artists who've been accused of sexual misconduct. Important to note, most have denied the allegations and very few have been criminally charged.