R. Kelly Helps Couple Reveal 'We're Havin' a Baby!'

5/10/2018 8:59 AM PDT

R. Kelly Helps Couple Reveal They're 'Havin' a Baby'


R. Kelly just became the bearer of good news -- for a change -- by helping a couple of fans make a big announcement ... all done in a song, of course.

A husband and wife, Mike and Cara Thomas, ran into Kells Wednesday outside the Trump Hotel in Chicago, where they asked him to do them a huge favor ... help reveal they're having a baby. 

Turns out, that's right up Kelly's alley ... seeing how he's got a song just for that occasion. He played cameraman while the couple kicked off the first few lines of his chorus, and he chimed in with the rest. As you can see ... they were stoked for the star-studded assist.

The clip is a rare positive vibe for the singer, who just got dealt a huge blow from Spotify. The streaming service just yanked all his music from its playlists in response to the alleged sex cult scandal

Looks like R's trying to roll with the punches.