R. Kelly Alleged Sex Slave On Vacation ... Without R. Kelly!

5/8/2018 11:41 AM PDT

R. Kelly Alleged Sex Slave Joycelyn Savage Vacations without R. Kelly


Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kelly's alleged brainwashed sex slaves, is looking a lot more free ... while getting some R&R ... way cross country from R. Kelly.

We got Joycelyn coming out of South Beverly Grill in Bev Hills where she told us she was in L.A. on vacation. R. Kelly is still back in Chicago, where we saw them shopping several days ago.

Joycelyn's family has gone public claiming R. Kelly's been holding her and others captive as part of an alleged sex cult, but Joycelyn pointed out the obvious ... if that were the case, she wouldn't be flying solo in Cali. She's out here visiting a friend, who's standing next to her in this video.

Joycelyn gave us her 2 cents about the most recent woman to come forward and accuse R. Kelly of giving her an STD.