R. Kelly Secretly Recorded By Woman Who Claims He Gave Her STD

5/5/2018 12:40 AM PDT

R. Kelly was Secretly Recorded, Blames Woman Suing him for STD


R. Kelly was schooling the 20-year-old woman who filed a criminal complaint against him for allegedly getting her high on drugs and booze and then giving her an STD, saying she needs to accept the fact that she was somehow in the wrong.

The woman, who says she plans to sue Kelly under the name Jane Doe, secretly recorded a conversation with Kelly recently in which she was trying to get him to confess to his alleged transgressions with her when she was 19. 

The woman does not get specific about the allegations, but Kelly almost immediately puts her on the defensive, asking if she has finally come to her senses -- whatever that means.

Kelly is cautious during the conversation, saying she could fly to Chicago and have a face-to-face with him and hash out her issues. He suggests her parents put her up to filing the suit, saying they clearly resent him for trying to teach her life lessons.

The woman's lawyer, S. Lee Merritt, tells TMZ, "We remain committed to stopping Kelly from continuing to abuse vulnerable black women and taking the necessary steps to hold him accountable for his actions in the past."