Dean Cain Goes to Bat for James Caan ... Defends Morgan Freeman

5/28/2018 2:58 PM PDT

Dean Cain Goes to Bat for James Caan and Defends Morgan Freeman


Dean Cain seems to agree with his friend James Caan that the world's a strange place right now regarding how men and women interact ... and also shares his support of Morgan Freeman.

We got the former Superman actor out at the National Mall in D.C. on Memorial Day and asked about Caan's comments to us last week ... Dean tells us he sees where James is coming from, and dismisses a video tape many feel shows Freeman acting inappropriately to a reporter as "ridiculous."

Cain goes on to explain hitting on the opposite sex is fine if it doesn't go too far -- and he's seen that happen on both sides -- but the current culture's not going to stop him from talking to a beautiful woman.

He also says not to turn your back on Freeman simply based on allegations ... because he hasn't been convicted of anything yet.