George Lopez to Prez Trump Honor Those Who Served ... Not Yourself, Jackass!!

5/29/2018 6:38 AM PDT

George Lopez Says Donald Trump Didn't Deserve Self-Praise on Memorial Day


George Lopez knows Memorial Day's about appreciating the sacrifice of people who died for freedom in America, but says someone needs to teach President Trump.

We got the comedian -- and perhaps Trump's #1 critic -- in WeHo Monday, where we asked what he made of Trump's self-praising holiday tweet.

In case you missed it ... Trump shouted out his own administration more than saying an actual "thank-you" to fallen soldiers, saying they'd be pleased with the country's unemployment numbers and revamped military.

George acknowledges Hollywood types are pretty self-absorbed, but says even he knows not to blow his own horn on such a day -- unlike Trump ... and a legendary porn star.