Donald Trump I Called Roseanne to Say Congrats ... My Followers Got Her Huge Ratings!

3/29/2018 12:57 PM PDT

Donald Trump Sorta Takes Credit for 'Roseanne' Ratings

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Donald Trump is still knee-deep in the TV ratings game -- even as President of the United States -- as Roseanne Barr can attest ... 'cause he called to congratulate her on her 18 million viewers.

Trump confirmed the phone call Thursday, during an event in Ohio, and it sounds like he was more excited about it than even Roseanne and ABC execs -- because he's kinda taking credit for her big win.

He definitely knows his demographics, and told the audience of factory workers "Roseanne" was "about us." On the show, Roseanne voted for Trump ... and butts heads with her sister who supported Hillary.

45 didn't miss the chance to gloat and took a shot at the "Fake News Media."