Towanda Braxton Toni Braxton Has Had No Work Done Do Your Research, She Has Lupus

5/30/2018 7:08 AM PDT

Towanda Braxton Says Toni Braxton's Appearance Changes Due to Lupus


Towanda Braxton says stories that her sister Toni has had work done on her face are preposterous ... because she has a disease that prohibits such procedures.

Toni posted a photo on Instagram earlier this month, and some people thought it proved she'd gone under the knife. But, when we got Towanda at LAX Tuesday, she shot down the rumors, telling us Toni can't have anything synthetic in her body, including botox, since she suffers from lupus.

Lupus is an incurable autoimmune disease that Towanda says feels like having the worst flu for 24 hours a day. Towanda says lupus makes Toni's weight fluctuate due to the steroids she takes for her symptoms, and says people should do their homework instead of jumping to conclusions.