Ted Cruz Jimmy Kimmel Won't Dunk On Me!!

6/8/2018 8:10 AM PDT

Ted Cruz Won't Let Jimmy Kimmel Slam Dunk In 1-On-1 Basketball Game

Sen. Ted Cruz is ready to play some tight D on Jimmy Kimmel in a one-on-one basketball game -- and vows there's no chance the late-night host will throw down a dunk in his face.

The senator and late-night host are squaring up on June 16 for what might be the most random hoops matchup ever -- but Cruz was in trash-talking mode Thursday on Capitol Hill. He says he played ball in high school, admittedly not very well ... but thinks he's got enough skills to take down Jimmy.

We're guessing Cruz is engaging in a psych-out here ... just trying to get in Kimmel's head. He's a politician after all. It's kinda what they do.

From what Cruz told us, sounds like he's already been training. They've got high stakes in the game, and some ridiculous ground rules ... courtesy of Kimmel.