Trump's Economic Adviser Justin Trudeau Made Us Look Weak The Prez Ain't Taking That

6/10/2018 12:41 PM PDT

Trump's Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Slams Trudeau Before N. Korea Meeting


Donald Trump's chief economic adviser says Canadian PM Justin Trudeau screwed the U.S. ahead of an historic meeting with North Korea ... so POTUS had to hit back.

We got Larry Kudlow Sunday in D.C. after going on TV to slam the Prime Minister for making DT look weak after he'd left the G7 summit this week -- and right before he's set to meet with Kim Jong Un. He says Trump wasn't gonna take that lying down.

Trudeau held a press conference addressing the U.S. recently announcing they'll be imposing tariffs on certain Canadian imports, saying Canada wouldn't be "pushed around" and will do the same to us.

Kudlow says Trudeau's remarks were a betrayal to everything the G7 summit accomplished, and that Trump had every right to retaliate ... and call off signing a unifying communique between a bunch of Western allies. More importantly ... he had to look tough for Kim.

Diplomacy ... it's all about appearances, apparently.