Drake's 'Degrassi' Music Vid Reunion Planned in Like One Week! Costars Give Drizzy Props

6/14/2018 5:13 PM PDT

Drake's 'Degrassi' Reunion Music Video Came Together in Just Over a Week


Drake got his old 'Degrassi' costars to reunite for his new music video on just about a week's notice ... so say two of his former cast/classmates.   

Shane Kippel and Ephraim Ellis -- who played Drake's best friend and fateful shooter on the show, respectively -- tell us Drizzy's new treatment for "I'm Upset" was literally shot this past weekend, and that they'd only gotten a heads-up mere days before that.

That's pretty crazy, considering Drake dropped the video Wednesday night ... less than a week after filming. In fact, Ephraim says he got an email about the production last Tuesday.

Sounds like it's been a while since everyone from Degrassi Community School has had a chance to fully get together too ... especially when it comes to seeing their beloved Jimmy. Shane says he hasn't seen the dude in 5 years ... and it's been WAY longer for Ephraim.

Yeah, we're not upset about this at all.