Suri Cruise Raking in That Lemonade Cash For NYC Pride Parade

6/25/2018 7:04 AM PDT

Suri Cruise Opened a Lemonade Stand for NYC Pride Parade

Suri Cruise is following that old adage ... if life gives ya lemons, make money.

Katie Holmes and Tom's little girl -- who's the spitting image of Mom these days -- was hawking lemonade Sunday in NYC for the Pride Parade. Shes' a good businesswoman too ... she and a friend priced their ice cold beverages to move at $2 a pop.

Looks like they had a good day, based on the cash they walked off with at the close of biz.

The budding entrepreneur is 12 years old now and, while she's got NYC on lock ... she might not wanna try this in San Fran.

Not without a permit, anyway.