Anthony Scaramucci I Know Who Trump's Gonna Pick for SCOTUS ... And I Know the Fate of Abortion

6/28/2018 6:58 AM PDT

Anthony Scaramucci Says He Knows Who Trump Will Pick for Supreme Court


Anthony Scaramucci says he knows a lot ... he knows who Trump will pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, and he knows the fate of Roe vs. Wade.

We got The Mooch Wednesday night in WeHo leaving Craig's, and he seems to be saying Trump or his people have confided in him about the person who will get nominated. He says he believes Thomas Hardiman (Mooch mispronounces his name) will be the guy. Hardiman's on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ... that's where Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, sat and she's a big fan of Hardiman's. 

He's got an interesting background ... he's the first in his fam to graduate college. He drove a taxi to pay tuition. He's also super conservative.

As for overturning Roe vs. Wade, Scaramucci says that's not gonna happen and he has inside information as to why.