Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney Blames 'Clueless' & 'Aging' Republicans ... for Ban on Office Buying Tampons for Staffers

6/29/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney Slams Republicans for Banning Tampon Purchases


Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is furious the powers that be notified him his office was NOT allowed to buy tampons for his staffers ... and he's blaming a bunch of Republican geezers he says are out of touch with reality. 

We got the Congressman from NY at Reagan National Airport and wanted to talk to him about the video he posted Thursday on Twitter ... in which he writes a personal check for $37 after the House Administration Committee told him taxpayer dollars can't be used to buy feminine hygiene products. 

Maloney's appalled, and rightfully so after you hear him dish a long list -- like brass bookends, gavel sets and engravable plates -- that CAN be purchased with taxpayer money. Check it out ... he lays blame on the foot of Republican congressional leaders, and pulls no punches.