Judge Joe Brown Trump Better Not Appoint TV Judge To Supreme Court!!!

6/29/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Judge Joe Brown Says Trump's New SCOTUS Appointment Won't Be TV Judge


Judge Joe Brown says President Trump should steer clear of picking a reality TV judge for the soon-to-be vacant SCOTUS seat ... 'cause most of 'em wouldn't come close to cutting it.

We spoke to the now-retired judge a day after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he was resigning from his post on the Supreme Court, leaving Trump to make a new appointment.

During initial speculation of who the Prez might choose, some journos and pundits half-joked he'd go the TV route, since that's what he knows. Joe says that likely won't happen ... and he has his reasons.

He doesn't specify who exactly he's referring to, but you gotta assume Judy's off that list. She's definitely legit. Ditto People's Court Judge Marilyn, who was a sitting judge before taking the TV gig. 

As for what "Mr. T" (not that Mr. T) will actually do, JJB seems to think Trump can stick to the GOP script, but still give the country a stunner. Yeah ... how about skipping wow factors?