Andy Dick Yanked Off Post Malone's Lambo!!

6/29/2018 7:07 AM PDT

Andy Dick Yanked Off of Post Malone's Lamborghini by Bodyguard


Andy Dick never saw it coming -- an aggressive bodyguard treated him like some crazed Post Malone fan and ripped him off the rapper's Lamborghini ... and we got it all on video.

The "Better Now" rapper was leaving Poppy Thursday night after killing it at the Hollywood Bowl. All seemed fine and dandy as Post was riding passenger side in his Lambo ... window down and signing his John Hancock before splitting.

But then something strange happens -- Andy shows up. He walks up to the driver's side and tries shooting the s**t when, out of nowhere, a bodyguard intervenes in the most bodyguard-ish way.

BTW, Andy Dick and Post Malone in the same sentence. Who woulda thunk it?