Donald Trump I Didn't Commit Treason ... Just Botched a Double Negative!!!

7/17/2018 12:24 PM PDT

President Trump Says He Simply Misspoke When Siding with Putin Over U.S. Intelligence

Donald Trump's doing something a tad out of the ordinary for him -- taking back a comment he made ... but only after saying his message SHOULD have been obvious.

The Prez just issued a clarification after siding with Vladimir Putin over the U.S. intelligence community, claiming it was all a big misunderstanding because he flubbed a single word ... by saying "would" when he really meant "wouldn't."

We've all been there ... right?

Trump wants to make it clear now -- he fully supports the intelligence community's conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election ... though he still believes it had no influence on the result, and suggests maybe they weren't alone.

Wouldn't that be something?