Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'I Can't Guarantee' Trump Didn't Say N-Word

8/14/2018 1:05 PM PDT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Won't Guarantee Trump Didn't Say N-Word on Tape

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders can't say for sure there isn't a recording of President Trump saying the n-word.

The White House Press Sec. was bombarded Tuesday with questions about Omarosa's many secret recordings ... during the campaign and after Trump was in Office.

Sanders was asked multiple times if she's ever directly asked Trump if he used the n-word. She deflected each time, and refused to use the g-word ... guarantee. As we reported, Omarosa recorded Trump campaign staffers discussing how to handle a possible recording of him using the racial epithet.

Sarah's inability to offer a guarantee such a tape doesn't exist ... is only adding fuel to the fire.