Blac Chyna Dream Looks Exactly Like Me!! ... Hmmm, That So?

8/16/2018 7:21 AM PDT

Blac Chyna Says Dream Looks More Like Her Than Rob Kardashian


Blac Chyna thinks little Dream is a spitting image of her and not baby daddy Rob Kardashian ... but we gotta ask ... really???

We got BC Wednesday night heading into Project LA in Hollywood and she didn't hesitate on the issue of likeness -- Dream's a chip off the old mom block.

Rob's got a ton of recent photos of their almost 2-year-old up on social media, and her features are certainly starting to get much more defined. As for Chyna's claim ... we really can't say. Truthfully, Dream looks a little like both of them -- they each technically contributed half of themselves, after all. 

How about we just stick to the custody deal in place here and call it 50/50? That ... or you can just weigh in for yourself. Either way ...