Ryan Seacrest Soarin' In the South of France ... With My Jetpack !!!

8/24/2018 10:34 AM PDT

Ryan Seacrest Takes Off in Jetpack With Girlfriend in France

Yeah, yachts are cool and all, but Ryan Seacrest is taking his summer vacation to new heights ... with a jetpack!!!

Ryan's romantic getaway with gf Shayna Taylor really TOOK OFF when the couple spent the day in the south of France soaring above the water in a super sick jetpack. 

If you HAVE to take a break from cruising the high seas in a luxury yacht ... might as well strap in to a badass toy and have some fun, right?!?!

Ryan really seemed to get the hang of this whole jetpack business ... and Shayna snapped some baller pics of her man.

Now THAT's an American idol.