Post Malone Attention Kia Drivers ... I Dare You to T-Bone This Rolls

9/9/2018 7:20 AM PDT

Post Malone Gets Bigger and Better Rolls-Royce After Car Crash


Post Malone has jumped back on the horse -- in this case the Rolls -- just a day after his other Rolls got T-boned.

Post chowed down at Mastro's Saturday in Bev Hills and showed off his bigger and better whip -- a $420k Phantom that resembles a WWII tank.

Post decided to upgrade after a Kia tore into his $320k Wraith Saturday night in the San Fernando Valley, severely damaging it.

Post had more to say about the tragic death of his buddy, Mac Miller. TMZ broke the story ... Mac died of a drug OD Friday. Post was supposed to do an album with Mac and his death really tore him up.

On another subject -- the epic shoe-down between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Friday night at a NYC Fashion Week party -- Post is strictly Switzerland.

One more thing ... Post has had survival issues in the last few weeks -- the emergency landing after 2 tires blew on takeoff on his private jet and then Friday night's car crash -- so maybe it would be better if his driver didn't do an illegal u-ey.