Tamar Braxton's Mom Devastated My Child Was Molested ... I Feel Her Pain

9/25/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Tamar Braxton's Mom And Sister Devastated By Revelations She Was Molested As a Child


When Tamar Braxton's mother heard the news her daughter was molested as a child -- she felt disappointed and hurt, but she's also ready to fight for justice.   

We got Evelyn Braxton Monday at LAX ... and she told us the most devastating part of the whole tragedy is coping with the fact that her daughter was violated by a family member.  

Evelyn doesn't know which family member molested her daughter ... she's going to let Tamar decide the best way to tell her story ... and she will stand by her side.  

We broke the story ... Tamar made the revelation earlier this month during a taping of Wendy Williams ... telling the talk show host she was molested as a child by members of both sides of her fam.

Towanda Braxton tells us her sister showed incredible strength ... adding Tamar has the right to speak her truth.

Towanda admits the family was hurt by Tamar's revelations, but says it's more important for victims to share their stories ... no matter who is involved.