Xan From 'Shameless' Can't Wait To Play With My Dough ... Child Actress Making Bank After Successful Debut

9/30/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Xan From 'Shameless' Getting Fat Paychecks Following Successful Debut


Most kids are looking forward to a weekly allowance, but Amirah Johnson, who plays Xan on "Shameless," is getting close to some huge paydays ... 'cause her immediate future is filled with stacks of cash.  

According to Amirah's minors contract -- obtained by TMZ -- the 11-year-old will earn $10,000 per episode in season 10 ... and she's guaranteed pay for at least 7 eps.

Do the math ... that's upwards of $70k for Season 10 alone!  

Amirah joined Showtime's hit series in season 9 ... and, if her role continues past season 10, she gets 4 percent raises and guarantees of at least 7 episodes each season. If she's still on the show for season 16, Amirah will be raking in $12,653 per episode!

We're guessing there's a good chance Xan sticks in the storyline ... 'cause on paper, it looks like Showtime is investing in a fresh face as it navigates Emmy Rossum's impending departure

Congrats, Amirah, don't spend it all in one place.