A-Rod and J Lo's Driver Hits Paparazzi ... He Files Police Report, But is Likely at Fault

10/16/2018 7:12 AM PDT

A-Rod and J Lo's Driver Hits Paparazzi, He Files Police Report


7:10 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us the photog has filed a report with the LASD. We're told pedestrians are not allowed to block a vehicle in a space by standing in front of it, and drivers are permitted to creep forward.

It was Escalade vs. photog outside of Craig's last night -- with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez caught in the middle ... but it seems pretty clear the blame lies squarely with the paparazzi. 

The power couple got in their waiting white SUV to leave the fancy L.A. restaurant -- and while the shutterbugs snapped away through the front windshield ... the driver began to pull out slowly. 

During the flash frenzy, the driver clipped one of the photogs -- who dropped to the ground. You can hear witnesses yelling. The driver immediately slammed on the brakes to make sure the guy was okay. 

Other photogs tried to scold the driver -- but he blamed the incident on them, saying, "See what happens when you flash all the flashes? I can't see where I'm going."

He's right. 

Yeah, you're not supposed to hit people -- but it's not like the driver was being reckless ... it was the opposite. 

And at a point, if the photogs don't get out of the way and let this dude drive ... well, it's on them. 

That said, hope everyone's okay. 

Originally Published -- 10/16/2018 6:01 AM PDT