Jenelle Evans Hubby Paints Picture of Love ... Following Domestic Violence Incident

10/20/2018 7:49 AM PDT

Jenelle Evans Husband Shoots Video Showing All's Well After Domestic Violence 911.

Jenelle Evans doesn't have a care in the world after a horrific domestic violence incident ... at least if you're buyin' the video her husband shot.

David Eason recorded his dinner with Jenelle and their kid Friday night at a North Carolina restaurant ... and he sounds like he's going a little overboard to make everything seem all kumbaya.

It's in glaring contrast to Jenelle's desperate 911 call last weekend, in which she graphically explains how she was the victim of domestic violence at his hands.

Jenelle did not follow up with a police report, and almost incredibly the police are taking no action to even investigate. It's unclear if Child Services is doing its own investigation, which sometimes happens when there's alleged violence involving the parents.