Chris Pratt A Dad & His GF Go to a Boy Scout Mtg ... Wait, Lemme Finish!!!

11/8/2018 7:24 AM PST

Chris Pratt's Cracking Jokes with Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt's more than just a pretty face, he's also a barrel of laughs -- just ask Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Chris and Katherine were walking out of a Boy Scout Troop meeting Wednesday in L.A. and whatever Chris said on the way out had her LHFAO. Seems Chris has a knack for tickling Katherine's funny bone. You might recall, she was also cracking up during a date night back in August.

It's a lot easier for Chris to laugh now ... his divorce with Anna Faris is official. They hammered out a settlement that concentrates on 6-year-old Jack's interests.