'Young Sheldon' 15-Year-Old Star ... Making $18k Per Episode!!!

11/9/2018 2:31 PM PST

'Young Sheldon' Star Raking in $18,000 an Episode


"Young Sheldon" is one of the biggest shows on TV ... so it's no surprise its child stars are raking in the same kinda bucks as Hollywood veterans.

The 'Big Bang Theory' spin-off is currently in its second season. Montana Jordan -- a 15-year-old -- who plays Georgie on the show is pulling in $18,200 for every episode of the new season.

According to Jordan's contract -- obtained by TMZ -- he made $17,500 per episode last year and will make around $19,000 per episode if he's in season 3.

Worth noting ... this is Jordan's first acting gig, he's appeared in every episode of the series so far ... that's a lot of cash.