Harvey Weinstein Accused of Turning Rape Case into 'Public Circus' ... Manhattan D.A. Fires Back

11/19/2018 10:43 AM PST

Harvey Weinstein Prosecutors Insist They've Still Got a Case, Respond to Motion to Dismiss


10:40 AM PT -- Weinstein's attorney, Ben Brafman, tells TMZ that "Nothing in the DA's response gives us any more confidence in the integrity of the Grand Jury's proceedings."

He adds, "As for the hearing that the People fear will become a 'circus' - it is they who created the circus with the DA and the NYPD calling each other liars."

Harvey Weinstein's NYC rape case should absolutely move forward, according to prosecutors who insist the whole case has NOT been tainted by one rogue detective.

The D.A.'s Office filed its response to Weinstein's motion to dismiss and accuses Weinstein's team of trying to turn the case into a "circus" with Det. Nicholas DiGaudio at the center of it. As we reported, prosecutors dropped one count against Weinstein after it came out DiGaudio had engaged in witness tampering.

Prosecutors insist Weinstein's motion to dismiss all the other counts is based on "pure speculation." According to the docs, obtained by TMZ ... there's no evidence DiGaudio met with another key witness and, "In truth, the only reason the defendant wants a hearing is to provide a public circus that will further the public relations campaign the defendant has been waging from the outset of this case."

As we reported, Weinstein's attorney, Ben Brafman, filed a motion earlier this month to have the case dismissed ... claiming one alleged victim, Mimi Haleyi, remained in contact with Weinstein 7 months after alleging he forcibly performed oral sex.

Brafman argued that because of former lead detective DiGaudio's previous incident of witness tampering, the case is tainted and should be thrown out.

Originally Published -- 10:05 AM PST