Tommy Hilfiger Respect to Ralph Lauren And My Models of the Year Are ...

11/29/2018 10:46 AM PST

Tommy Hilfiger Gives Props to Ralph Lauren and Names His Models of the Year


Game recognizes game, which is why Tommy Hilfiger is declaring Ralph Lauren his MVD -- most valuable designer for 2018 -- but he also names his top models.

We got the fashion legend leaving Michael's in NYC, and with December almost here, we asked who's stood out the most in his industry this year. Ever-humble, he tried to say he wasn't the most qualified to answer. To that we say, poppycock!

Tommy relented and dropped RL's name for one particular reason. Then we moved on to who's tops, as far as models go. He gave us 2 names.

We already knew he was high on one of them, and the other ... well, not exactly a big surprise.

It's who he didn't mention that's likely to get the fashion biz buzzing.