Bebe Rexha Shots, Shots, Shots ... Everybooooody!!!

2/1/2019 6:46 AM PST

Bebe Rexha Parties It Up with 50 Tequila Shots at Mexican Joint


Bebe Rexha walks into a Mexican joint and buys 50 shots of tequila ... no joke. Just how she celebrates life with friends and strangers.

The pop singer did exactly that Thursday night when she and her crew sauntered into the very popular restaurant El Compadre on Sunset Blvd. and got the booze flowing.

We're told she bought around 50 shots for the crowd and gave an inspiring toast ... "You have one life, and we live the f**king good life." Giddy up. Check out the video ... Bebe's also downing what looks like a tasty Compadre margarita before busting out a quick dance.

¡Que padre! (Awesome!)