'It' Star Wyatt Oleff Gets Huge Payday ... For Horror Sequel

2/8/2019 10:29 AM PST

'It' Teen Star Wyatt Oleff Gets Huge Payday for Sequel


Wyatt Oleff isn't old enough to drive, but he can already afford any car he wants ... because we've learned the kid actor is raking in six figures for his next movie role. 

Wyatt, who is playing young Stanley Uris in "It: Chapter Two," could make up to $500,000 for his work ... this according to Wyatt's minors contract, obtained by TMZ. That's a fat paycheck for anyone, but especially for a 15-year-old! 

According to the docs, Wyatt is pocketing $150,000 in base pay, and has a chance to earn another $350k depending on how well the sequel does at the box office. 

Of course, Wyatt will also get an on-screen credit during the movie's opening titles. Translation: the kid's a star, baby! 

He's reprising the Stanley Uris role he played in the 2017 "It" reboot ... which, by the way, was a massive hit. It earned $327 million at the domestic box office, and $700 mil internationally.

Those numbers add up to the kid having a real good shot at his $350k worth of bonuses for the sequel.

Congrats, Wyatt. Don't ask Mom and Dad for allowance.