Don Lemon What to Do if 2020 Dem Nominee Wore Blackface

2/9/2019 7:34 AM PST

Don Lemon Asked What to Do if 2020 Dem Nominee Wore Blackface in the Past


Don Lemon IS GOOD at comebacks ... and it's never been clearer than with this video.

We got Don at LAX Friday and asked about the blackface scandals in Virginia ... specifically, whether people should be punished for what they do when they were much younger.

Don says there's a special carve-out for political leaders, which then leads to the hypothetical ... what should happen if the 2020 Democratic nominee for President is killing Trump in the polls, but 2 weeks before the election it comes out he/she wore blackface in his/her 20's? Don handles it deftly, for sure.

And, then there's this ... should we elect a woman if only because their pasts seem less sketchy? Don does not disappoint!