Paris Hilton & Lil' Kim Blonds Really Do Have More Fun ... Especially At NYFW

2/13/2019 6:59 AM PST

Paris Hilton & Lil' Kim Walk The Blonds Runway At NYFW

Here's an interesting pairing -- Paris Hilton and Lil' Kim having a blonde moment on a New York Fashion Week catwalk ... and proving hair color is truly impactful.

PH and LK were in NYC Tuesday night for Phillipe and David Blond's annual fashion show, and each of them had their own turn walking the runway in this year's designs.

Paris looked great as usual, but seemed to keep her strut in line with traditional modeling. Kim, on the other hand, had a little more fun on her way back ... dancing with some of her other fellow models, and maybe even twerking a bit too.

There were other notable celebs out in the audience as well -- Iskra Lawrence, Victor Cruz, EJ Johnson, Delilah Belle and others. 

But, the true stars here are really Paris and Kim. The question now ... which one's the better blonde?