Anthony Anderson I Think Roseanne Might 'Need Help' ... After #MeToo Remarks

3/4/2019 7:18 AM PST

Anthony Anderson Says Roseanne 'Needs Help' After Her #MeToo Criticism


Anthony Anderson's reaction to Roseanne Barr slamming the #MeToo movement is pretty simple -- he suggests it's actually an SOS ... a sign she really needs help.

The "Black-ish" star was leaving Craig's Sunday night and we asked if he'd caught Roseanne's interview with Candace Owens ... which included jabs at women who wait years to complain about sexual misconduct.

Anthony told us he hadn't seen it himself, but he had heard about it. Watch the clip ... his immediate facial reaction walks a fine line between a grimace and side-eye, but his message was clear. 

If you missed it ... Roseanne appeared on Candace's show Saturday and called out women involved in the #MeToo movement for having no self-respect. She said any woman who'd stick around a hotel room and put up with such conduct was "nothin' but a ho."

She also insulted Midwestern Americans, calling them "obese" and anti-Semitic.

Bottom line for Anthony ... send this woman a lifeline. STAT.