George Lopez Boozy Opening Day Turns Raunchy!!! Trump, Jussie Convo ... Over the Line?

3/29/2019 9:19 AM PDT

George Lopez's Boozy Day at Dodger Stadium Ends with Raunchy Trump Convo


#1 Dodgers fan George Lopez might have some regrets today about how his fun-filled Opening Day ended ... due to this drunken run-in with fans, and their convo about President Trump and Jussie Smollett.  

Ya gotta see this -- George signed autographs and took pics with a group of fans Thursday afternoon, celebrating the Dodgers' 12-5 victory. Good times all around! And then, our camera guy brought up George's favorite topic ... Trump.

We asked what he thought about POTUS using the Smollett case as a MAGA rally cry, but George --clearly not in the mood for a serious chat -- called in fans for backup, and one guy obliged.

This is where George's boozy fun seemed to cross the line into bad taste. One fan opened up about being the victim of a hate crime, but as he did ... George mockingly humped him, and dropped some offensive language too.

To be fair, the fan didn't appear to be offended ... but certainly could have been. We think George got lucky.

Watch the clip to the end ... 'cause you gotta see how George's pal, Arsenio Hall, popped on the scene to save the day.

Maybe a few minutes too late, though.