President Trump Uses Jussie Smollett As MAGA Rallying Cry

3/28/2019 5:02 PM PDT

President Trump Uses Jussie Smollett As MAGA Rallying Cry

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4:57 PM PT -- President Trump just blasted Jussie Smollett at a Grand Rapids, Michigan rally, telling the crowd, "How 'bout Chicago," which triggered a roar of boos. He said the widespread indignation over Jussie walking free was the only time he agreed with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He called the case a national embarrassment.The bizarre outcome of the Jussie Smollett case is now on President Trump's radar, and as federal investigations begin ... he's calling the dropping of the charges an "embarrassment" to the nation.

Trump's Thursday morning tweet storm included one about the sweet deal the Cook County State's Attorney's Office handed Smollett -- dropping the 16 felony counts for allegedly lying to police after he did 18 hours of charitable work last weekend.

POTUS said 2 federal agencies -- the FBI and the Department of Justice -- would be reviewing the "outrageous" case. It might seem like he's calling for the investigation, but the reality is the FBI and DOJ were already on the job.

Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police announced it had filed with the DOJ on Tuesday ... immediately following the announcement Jussie would not stand trial. The FBI's probe of the State's Attorney's decision was announced Wednesday afternoon.

While Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has defended cutting Smollett loose -- calling it a typical outcome for anyone facing class 4 felonies -- public outcry has prompted the feds to get involved.  

Trump's tweet makes it clear ... he still knows what gets ratings.

Originally published -- 8:05 AM PT