Idris Elba DJ's at Coachella Week 2 This Is How It's Done!!!

4/21/2019 7:10 AM PDT

Idris Elba DJ's at Coachella Week 2 and Shows How It's Done

Idris Elba has settled into his new role as a DJ, looking relaxed and confident as he played to a packed house Saturday night at Coachella, Week 2.

The crowd crammed into the Yuma tent as they watched Idris prepare to start his set. It's fun to watch him fire up, talking to the crowd and futzing with his equipment.

Everyone loved it ... it's turned out to be a highlight of the festival, which has come under fire for going way too pop this year.  

Kanye will probably steal the show a little later Sunday morning with his Sunday Service ... TMZ will live stream the Easter festivities beginning at 8:30 AM PT.