Robert Mueller Spotted Leaving Easter Service ... No Eggs Revealed About Report

4/21/2019 10:44 AM PDT

Robert Mueller Seen Leaving Church, Mum on Report Release

Robert Mueller seems like he's said all he's going to say about his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election for now ... if you want more, there's 448 pages in his report to dig through.

We got the Special Counsel leaving St. John's Episcopal Church Sunday morning in D.C. -- right across the street from the White House -- after attending an Easter service with his wife.

Bob was tight-lipped as he got in his car to leave ... not even telling us if he's planning to take a vacation now that the Mueller Report's been released.

Another reporter was on the scene too ... but didn't appear to have any luck either.

As you know, reaction to the report has been a mixed bag -- many believe President Trump should be impeached over details in the report, while the Prez declared total victory ... using "Game of Thrones" as inspiration.

Regardless, people aren't going to forget about Mueller anytime soon ... though he looks like he wishes they would.